Robert Dawson BA (Hons) MA

Robert Dawson is a well known demonstrating medium, with over 20 years experience in the field and has an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception and can sense energy fields surrounding people, places and things.

Robert is well known for his honesty and accuracy in his practices covering everything from life, love, death, business, relationships, self development, life style improvement and much more. Only a true and honest reading can be helpful in guiding you towards your true path of happiness.

Robert (aka Bobby) also specialises in resolving paranormal activty in the home, and is well versed in leading guided meditations on both an individual and group basis. He also has established a reputation for developing the mediumistic qualities in others.

Spiritualist Readings

The emphasis in these readings is on providing evidence of "life after death" and demonstrating that the clients loved ones/friends in the spirit world have continuing knowledge of the clients life.

Psychic Readings

They are done via the clients aura are used predominately to offer guidance from Roberts spirit guides on their current life situations (bearing in mind that that client has free will do whatsoever the wish) These can be combined into one reading.


Meditation, as well as deep physical relaxation, is generally good practice (there are exceptions), and can help relieve stress when practiced on a daily basis. Robert can help you develop this area of your life.

Spiritualist Healing

The benefits to be had from spiritual healing are manifold, and help to promote health and well-being physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Spiritualist Counseling

Robert, through many years of experience, and with the help of his guides, can offer instruction, comfort, and reassurance about the process man calls "life after death", and the process of life itself.

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